I was born in London to an Italian father and English mother.  Dad came to England as a waiter in the 1950s from Naples   –  I don’t think he intended to stay for more than a year, but in a wonderfully cliched vignette – ‘Italian waiter meets young English woman and follows her to London’ – he met my mother at the Devon hotel where he worked, and never went home.  For most of his London career, he worked at Mario & Franco’s Tiberio in Mayfair – a glamorous Italian restaurant which was to be part of London’s dining revolution (you can read about Mario & Franco in The Spaghetti Tree and here or here).  I used to love hearing tales of the restaurant as a child: especially the stories of Sinatra’s visits and other glitterati customers. Dad’s working life certainly nurtured the fascination with restaurants and food that I am fortunate enough to indulge today, not least providing me a rare insight to the behind-the-scene workings of the hospitality business.Dad and Nonna w waternark

So why the blog?  It’s basically a personal challenge to reawaken my enjoyment of writing, and to encourage myself to cook a wider variety of food.

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